A stata program that plots multiple superimposed distributions.

Install histover by opening Stata and running the command:

net install histover, from(http://kylerozema.com/histover)

The documentation for histover is included with the installation. To read the documentation, run the command:

help histover

Suppose we want to compare two distributions. Stata's command hist can be used to make the below graph. This side-by-side comparison is useful, but visually it is still difficult to really compare the distributions. One can easily stack the histograms vertically, but comparisons of the distributions is still difficult. A better way to compare distributions is to superimpose them. I often superimpose distributions in my research to make comparisons of the distributions easier. I wrote a stata command to help other's make some fun superimposed distributions as well. More details coming soon.
Technical Description
The plot below is made using histover. More coming soon.