Welcome to my academic web page. I am the Wachtell Lipton Fellow in Behavioral Law and Economics at the University of Chicago Law School. I am interested in how legal rules affect economic inequality, disparate outcomes, and discrimination. My main research interests are in tax law and policy. Much of my tax research seeks to understand the extent to which the distributional consequences of tax laws are more nuanced than conventional wisdom would suggest. Beyond tax law, I conduct empirical research on bias and discrimination in the law in general, largely focusing on the manners in which discrimination can affect employment patterns in law-related professions.

My contact details can be found on my University of Chicago webpage or feel free to email me at kylerozema@uchicago.edu. My research can be found on the research tab of this website, on my SSRN webpage, or on my Google Scholar webpage. For selected media coverage of my research, please visit the media tab of this website.